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The Roblox API Reference project aims to provide a quick and accessible reference for the Roblox engine API.

This site is generated by the roar tool. This is a special purpose program that pulls information from a number of sources, and processes them into an intermediate format. Hugo is then used to present this information as a human-readable website.

Information presented by this website is derived from the following sources:

  • API dumps: A machine-generated representation of Roblox’s engine API in the JSON format.
  • Reflection metadata: Supplementary information about the engine API, in XML format.
  • Creator Docs: The source repository for Roblox engine documentation.

This project is an alternative to the Roblox Engine API Reference on the Creator Hub. The Creator Hub provides official, canonical, up-to-date documentation for the Roblox engine API.

This website is hosted statically on GitHub Pages.

If you find a bug, have a suggestion, or otherwise wish to contribute, you may post an issue or make a pull request on the issues page.


Roblox builds the tools and platform that empower people to create their own immersive experiences, so that any world they can imagine can be brought to life. Our vision is to reimagine the way people come together to create, play, explore, learn, and connect with one another.


Luau (lowercase u, /ˈlu.aʊ/) is a fast, small, safe, gradually typed embeddable scripting language derived from Lua. It is designed to be backwards compatible with Lua 5.1, as well as incorporating some features from future Lua releases, but also expands the feature set (most notably with type annotations). Luau is largely implemented from scratch, with the language runtime being a very heavily modified version of Lua 5.1 runtime, with completely rewritten interpreter and other performance innovations.


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This site and non-derivative content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The source code of the roar tool is available under the MIT license.

Documentation derived from the Creator Docs repository has been made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License.

Code samples derived from the Creator Docs repository has been made available under the MIT License.

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