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Type Member History
string AccessoryBlob 477
string BackAccessory
float BodyTypeScale
int64 ClimbAnimation
float DepthScale
int64 Face
string FaceAccessory
int64 FallAnimation
string FrontAccessory
int64 GraphicTShirt
string HairAccessory
string HatAccessory
int64 Head
Color3 HeadColor
float HeadScale
float HeightScale
int64 IdleAnimation
int64 JumpAnimation
int64 LeftArm
Color3 LeftArmColor
int64 LeftLeg
Color3 LeftLegColor
int64 MoodAnimation 539
string NeckAccessory
int NumberEmotesLoaded 392
int64 Pants
float ProportionScale
int64 RightArm
Color3 RightArmColor
int64 RightLeg
Color3 RightLegColor
int64 RunAnimation
int64 Shirt
string ShouldersAccessory
int64 SwimAnimation
int64 Torso
Color3 TorsoColor
string WaistAccessory
int64 WalkAnimation
float WidthScale
null AddEmote (string name, int64 assetId) 384 573
Array GetAccessories (bool includeRigidAccessories) 477
Dictionary GetEmotes () 384
Array GetEquippedEmotes () 384
null RemoveEmote (string name) 384 573
null SetAccessories (Array accessories, bool includeRigidAccessories) 477 573
null SetEmotes (Dictionary emotes) 384 573
null SetEquippedEmotes (Array equippedEmotes) 384 573
EmotesChanged (Dictionary newEmotes) 384
EquippedEmotesChanged (Array newEquippedEmotes) 384
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AccessoryBlob On DevHub

This member is not scriptable. It cannot be accessed by Lua code.


Tags: [NotScriptable]

AddEmote On DevHub

Name Type Default
name string none
assetId int64 none


BackAccessory On DevHub

BodyTypeScale On DevHub

ClimbAnimation On DevHub

DepthScale On DevHub

EmotesChanged On DevHub

Name Type Default
newEmotes Dictionary none


EquippedEmotesChanged On DevHub

Name Type Default
newEquippedEmotes Array none


Face On DevHub

FaceAccessory On DevHub

FallAnimation On DevHub

FrontAccessory On DevHub

GetAccessories On DevHub

Name Type Default
includeRigidAccessories bool none


GetEmotes On DevHub

Name Type Default
No parameters.


GetEquippedEmotes On DevHub

Name Type Default
No parameters.


GraphicTShirt On DevHub

HairAccessory On DevHub

HatAccessory On DevHub

Head On DevHub

HeadColor On DevHub

HeadScale On DevHub

HeightScale On DevHub

IdleAnimation On DevHub

JumpAnimation On DevHub

LeftArm On DevHub

LeftArmColor On DevHub

LeftLeg On DevHub

LeftLegColor On DevHub

MoodAnimation On DevHub


NeckAccessory On DevHub

NumberEmotesLoaded On DevHub

This member is hidden. It is not meant to be used, and may have unresolved issues.


Tags: [Hidden]

Pants On DevHub

ProportionScale On DevHub

RemoveEmote On DevHub

Name Type Default
name string none


RightArm On DevHub

RightArmColor On DevHub

RightLeg On DevHub

RightLegColor On DevHub

RunAnimation On DevHub

SetAccessories On DevHub

Name Type Default
accessories Array none
includeRigidAccessories bool none


SetEmotes On DevHub

Name Type Default
emotes Dictionary none


SetEquippedEmotes On DevHub

Name Type Default
equippedEmotes Array none


Shirt On DevHub

ShouldersAccessory On DevHub

SwimAnimation On DevHub

Torso On DevHub

TorsoColor On DevHub

WaistAccessory On DevHub

WalkAnimation On DevHub

WidthScale On DevHub

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