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MarkerCurve On DevHub


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Type Member History
int Length
Dictionary GetMarkerAtIndex (int index)
Array GetMarkers ()
Array InsertMarkerAtTime (float time, string marker)
int RemoveMarkerAtIndex (int startingIndex, int count = 1)
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GetMarkerAtIndex On DevHub

Name Type Default
index int none

GetMarkers On DevHub

Name Type Default
No parameters.

InsertMarkerAtTime On DevHub

Name Type Default
time float none
marker string none

Length On DevHub

This property is read-only. Its value can be read, but it cannot be modified.
This item is not replicated. Its interface does not cross the network boundary.

Tags: [ReadOnly, NotReplicated]

RemoveMarkerAtIndex On DevHub

Name Type Default
startingIndex int none
count int 1