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This class is deprecated. It exists only for backward compatibility, and should not be used for new work.
This class is not creatable. Instances of this class cannot be created with
Tags: [NotCreatable, Deprecated]

Member index 0

No members defined by Status.
inherited from Model
553LevelOfDetail: ModelLevelOfDetail
553ModelStreamingMode: ModelStreamingMode
553PrimaryPart: BasePart
562Scale: float
553WorldPivot: CFrame
573AddPersistentPlayer(playerInstance: Player = Player): null
573BreakJoints(): null
607GetBoundingBox(): (CFrame, Vector3)
462GetExtentsSize(): Vector3
553GetModelCFrame(): CFrame
553GetModelSize(): Vector3
576GetPersistentPlayers(): Objects
576GetPrimaryPartCFrame(): CFrame
562GetScale(): float
573MakeJoints(): null
573MoveTo(position: Vector3): null
573RemovePersistentPlayer(playerInstance: Player = Player): null
573ResetOrientationToIdentity(): null
573ScaleTo(newScaleFactor: float): null
573SetIdentityOrientation(): null
573SetPrimaryPartCFrame(cframe: CFrame): null
573TranslateBy(delta: Vector3): null
573breakJoints(): null
573makeJoints(): null
573move(location: Vector3): null
573moveTo(location: Vector3): null
inherited from PVInstance
553Origin: CFrame
553Pivot Offset: CFrame
576GetPivot(): CFrame
573PivotTo(targetCFrame: CFrame): null
inherited from Instance
553Archivable: bool
619Capabilities: SecurityCapabilities
553ClassName: string
553Name: string
553Parent: Instance
619Sandboxed: bool
616UniqueId: UniqueId
553className: string
576AddTag(tag: string): null
573ClearAllChildren(): null
462Clone(): Instance
573Destroy(): null
486FindFirstAncestor(name: string): Instance
486FindFirstAncestorOfClass(className: string): Instance
486FindFirstAncestorWhichIsA(className: string): Instance
486FindFirstChild(name: string, recursive: bool = false): Instance
486FindFirstChildOfClass(className: string): Instance
486FindFirstChildWhichIsA(className: string, recursive: bool = false): Instance
486FindFirstDescendant(name: string): Instance
563GetActor(): Actor
486GetAttribute(attribute: string): Variant
462GetAttributeChangedSignal(attribute: string): RBXScriptSignal
486GetAttributes(): Dictionary
486GetChildren(): Objects
462GetDebugId(scopeLength: int = 4): string
486GetDescendants(): Array
486GetFullName(): string
462GetPropertyChangedSignal(property: string): RBXScriptSignal
576GetTags(): Array
576HasTag(tag: string): bool
486IsA(className: string): bool
486IsAncestorOf(descendant: Instance): bool
486IsDescendantOf(ancestor: Instance): bool
580IsPropertyModified(name: string): bool
573Remove(): null
576RemoveTag(tag: string): null
580ResetPropertyToDefault(name: string): null
573SetAttribute(attribute: string, value: Variant): null
462WaitForChild(childName: string, timeOut: double): Instance
553children(): Objects
553clone(): Instance
573destroy(): null
553findFirstChild(name: string, recursive: bool = false): Instance
553getChildren(): Objects
462isA(className: string): bool
553isDescendantOf(ancestor: Instance): bool
573remove(): null
462AncestryChanged(child: Instance, parent: Instance)
462AttributeChanged(attribute: string)
462Changed(property: string)
462ChildAdded(child: Instance)
462ChildRemoved(child: Instance)
462DescendantAdded(descendant: Instance)
462DescendantRemoving(descendant: Instance)
553childAdded(child: Instance)

History 5

  • 454 Change MemoryCategory of Status from Instances to PhysicsParts
  • 452 Change MemoryCategory of Status from PhysicsParts to Instances
  • 453 Change MemoryCategory of Status from Instances to PhysicsParts
  • 219 Change Tags of Status from [NotCreatable] to [NotCreatable, Deprecated]
  • 47 Add Status