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TorsionSpringConstraint On DevHub


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Type Member History
float Coils
float CurrentAngle
float Damping
bool LimitEnabled 486
bool LimitsEnabled 486
float MaxAngle 486
float MaxTorque
float Radius
float Restitution 486
float Stiffness
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57 members inherited from Instance



Coils On DevHub

CurrentAngle On DevHub

This property is read-only. Its value can be read, but it cannot be modified.
This item is not replicated. Its interface does not cross the network boundary.

Tags: [ReadOnly, NotReplicated]

Damping On DevHub

LimitEnabled On DevHub

This member is hidden. It is not meant to be used, and may have unresolved issues.
This item is deprecated. It exists for backwards-compatibility only, and should not be used for new work.


Tags: [Hidden, Deprecated]

LimitsEnabled On DevHub


MaxAngle On DevHub


MaxTorque On DevHub

Radius On DevHub

Restitution On DevHub


Stiffness On DevHub